Natural Shades of Bamboo Window Blinds

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Natural shades of bamboo window blinds

For finished bamboo window curtain the specification of blade width regular is 125px and 87.5px;thickness:2mm.width is 875px-5250px;height 7500px or as per clients’order.

Length is according to the actual size of the window

Here please refer to how to take measurement of the window size as:

The size of the measurement window frame size,Special window,please carefully take photos of the window and indicate the dimensions of the window,and send information to our customer service,then we will calculate our the window curtain size to base on a standard formula:

1. For curtain inside the window,width should minus 25px.

2. For curtain outside the window,width and height of each should add 10-500px.Or as general add 375px.

The color shades of bamboo blinds of 87.5px and 125px and S shapes for choice:

Bamboo blind window curtain is very welcome used in some tropical countries,such as Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand,Malaysia,Singapore,Philippines,Indonesia,Brunei,East Timor,Sri Lanka,Maldives etc..

As in modern home design,bamboo winder curtain have been often use in the main room,bed room,bathroom room etc…the designer think bamboo curtains has itself special decoration effect from mind,to enjoy the rhythm of light and shade,and to feel warm and romantic life,on this way,such bamboo curtain is not only something practicality just for keep away from rain and sun,but it is medium for warm,romantic.

More features of bamboo blind window curtains as:

1. Material is from high quality bamboo which is a new generation of window products,

2. Processing under high temperature cooking and flavor and color and soft,final bamboo blind curtains show us an elegant and delicate style on color and style and texture.

3. Bamboo is of high density and good toughness,which is not easy to deformation;

4. bamboo abrasion resistance,good heat resistance,easy cleaning;mildew,anti moth,anti rot and strong;

5. Design by scientific with ventilation,bamboo blind window curtains give us a cool and comfortable curtain,

6. Bamboo blind curtains is kind of exquisite craft,easy to installation,easy to clean.

7.Application:suitable for bedroom,balcony,cafes,bars,hotels,office buildings and other places.

Equipped with a professional factory, FOREVER RISE is engaged in manufacturing and marketing quality natural shades of bamboo window blinds made in China at reasonable price. We are one of the leading manufacturers in China. And all of these products are of excellent design and competitive price.