Best Price and Fashion Bamboo Countertops Bathroom

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best price and fashion bamboo countertops bathroom

PX bamboo group produce many bamboo counter tops,but we also produce various bamboo vanity tops to cut sink holes as per client’s sink holes requirements.

Or supply customized bathroom Mini vanity with 22”or 25”or 32”or 37”just with faucet holes for vessel sink.The faucet holes can be cut as customs requirement on the right or left or center.

Color can can be natural or carbonized or strand woven bamboo color.

Natural color Bamboo vanity top used in bathroom to give a durable and moisture-resistant top brightens to your bath with the natural color of bamboo.

Bamboo vanity top also striking in its simplicity,bamboo Vanity Top updates your bathroom with refreshingstyle.A renewable material,bamboo is an eco-friendly way to add strength and beauty to a vanity.


And What Size Vanity Top Do I Need To Buy

So you need a new top for your bathroom vanity eh Now only 1 question remains…What size vanity top do I need to buy You can easily answer this question in just a few minutes with nothing more than a measuring tape.

Usually there is a 1 inch over-hang on every side of a vanity not touching a wall.So all you need to do is measure your vanity cabinet and add 1 inch to each side not touching a wall.

So if the vanity is 21 inches deep,the counter top should be 22 inches deep.If the vanity is 36 inches wide,with one edge against a wall,the counter top should be 37 inches wide.

Bamboo Vanity Tops regular sizes:

31”x 22”x 20/25/30 mm

37”x 22”x 20/25/30mm

49”x 22”x 20/25/30 mm

All Other sizes can be produced as per client’s requirement.


Equipped with a professional factory, FOREVER RISE is engaged in manufacturing and marketing quality best price and fashion bamboo countertops bathroom made in China at reasonable price. We are one of the leading manufacturers in China. And all of these products are of excellent design and competitive price.