Cheap Bamboo Freeline Skate Decking with High Quality

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cheap bamboo freeline skate decking with high quality

PX bamboo supply 7 layers and 8 layers of full bamboo freeline skate decking and full maple wood freeline decks  and bamboo laminated Canadian maple freeline skates decking at very competitive price , all our bamboo freeline skate board decking  produced through cold pressure of OEM sizes and shapes to be customized. Which is very hot sale in European and United States Countries.

This bamboo freeline skateboard decking is of size 6.75” x 5.5” ( 425px x 350px), such Drift plate can be customized produce of the brand and size and LOGO.

Per set bamboo freeline skateboard is two pieces.

Related to bamboo freeline skatebaord decking, a large demand of requirement is bamboo deck skateboard, bamboo longboard decks,bamboo longboards, bamboo plywood longboard and half finished Single-layer or two layers of bamboo rectangle Skateboard deck  for foreign Skateboard manufacturers , with regular sizes of:
1140 / 1120 x 260 x 9.6mm
1140 /1120  x 260 x 9.3mm
1140 x 1120 x 260 x 8.4mm
1140 x 1120 x 260 x 8.1mm
1080 x 270  x 8.1mm
1080 x 270 x 7.7mm
1080 x 270 x 6.6mm

All dimensions for  bamboo veneers or half finished bamboo skateboard decks can  supply as custom requirement.

Equipped with a professional factory, FOREVER RISE is engaged in manufacturing and marketing quality cheap bamboo freeline skate decking with high quality made in China at reasonable price. We are one of the leading manufacturers in China. And all of these products are of excellent design and competitive price.