2016 Bamboo Sliding Door Panel for Good Price

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2016 bamboo sliding door panel for good price

The bamboo panel for bamboo door and doorframe of normal sizes:

Length 2750 mm x 155mm x 34mm/40mm
Length 2450mm x 155mm x 34mm/40mm
Length 2450 mm x 45mm x 56mm
Length 2200mm x 155mm x 34mm/40mm
Length 2200mm x 45mm x 56mm
Length 2000 x 1000 x 34mm/40mm

Bamboo Door and Bamboo Panels used in Door and Door-frame Comparison of the characteristics of wood:
Bamboo Door has more clear texture and smooth texture,more bright color and longer Service life,
Bamboo door in the overall design is simple,bright and smooth lines.
Because PX bamboo door or panels for door all are made from high quality multiply bamboo panels-Bamboo Superposition Vertical Panel,which various physical and mechanical properties of the material equivalent to or better than high grade hardwood.

Thus our bamboo door is of high flatness and firmness,and bamboo door more characteristics of stiffness,heavy,strong against to weather ability,bamboo panels has wide application range in door and door frame.

Equipped with a professional factory, FOREVER RISE is engaged in manufacturing and marketing quality 2016 bamboo sliding door panel for good price made in China at reasonable price. We are one of the leading manufacturers in China. And all of these products are of excellent design and competitive price.