Bamboo Door Blinds and Bamboo Frame for Door Making

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bamboo door blinds and bamboo frame for door making

Finishd Standard Solid Bamboo Door sizes:
Length 2000 x 800 x 40mm
Length 2030 x 760 x 40mm
Length 2000 x 900 x 40mm
Other sizes can be order as customer’s requirement.

PX bamboo door or panels for door all are made from high quality multiply bamboo panels-Bamboo Superposition Vertical Panel,which various physical and mechanical properties of the material equivalent to or better than high grade hardwood.
Thus our bamboo door is of high flatness and firmness,and bamboo door more characteristics of stiffness,heavy,strong against to weather ability,bamboo panels has wide application range in door and door frame.

Bamboo door with high strength,good toughness,high density,no cracking,no deformation,stable structure,natural and generous texture,which is the best choice for interior decoration Advantages of bamboo door:

A:natural strength than wood twice as long,longer service life 

B:bending strength is higher than wood,tensile strength is 1.5 times higher than the wood is 2 times than the cherry wood,and Sugiki 2.5 times.
C:selection of environmental protection paint,original diluent,non-toxic tasteless,formaldehyde content is less than the national standard.

Return to nature:
A:bamboo furniture rich natural texture,and natural taste,in the bustling city,road stream,busy,
work pressure,life pressure,everywhere is a piece of complicated scene,see the bamboo door can leta person feel is more intimate and natural,alleviate the work pressure,and physical and mental fatigue and bring you endless reverie and quiet.B:bamboo spirit:open and enterprising,stay calm,firm and indomitable,exemplary conduct and nobility of character,the spirit of quiet dedication.

Equipped with a professional factory, FOREVER RISE is engaged in manufacturing and marketing quality bamboo door blinds and bamboo frame for door making made in China at reasonable price. We are one of the leading manufacturers in China. And all of these products are of excellent design and competitive price.