50mm Thickness Cross Horizontal +Vertial +Horizontal 5-Lay Bamboo Panels Plywood

How the Bamboo Plywood is made The bamboo plywood is made of moso bamboo,the bamboo grows up to 1 meter per day and is a rapidly renewable resource for building materials.The bamboo plywood is widely used for flooring,decking,wall-covering,beams,boards and worktops,which meets the highest requirements in terms of use,safety and hardness. We cut the bamboo into strip and select the strip into different thickness and structure.Then we dry the strip and make the structure as client required.There's vertical structure and horizontal structre.The vertical structure is more steady.

Product Details

Some Knowledge of Bamboo Furniture Board

Bamboo furniture board is a scientific superposition of bamboo sheets, which is assembled with environmental friendly glue under high temperature and pressure. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties, small water absorption expansion coefficient, non-cracking and non-deformation, insect-proof, mildew-proof and non-degumming. Its physical properties are 2-3 times as much as those of common hard miscellaneous wood.Its hardness can reach 32HB (beech 24HB), density can reach 0.79g-1.15g (beech 0.63g) per cm 3, compressive strength can reach 1271 kg/cm 2 (beech < 600 kg). Bamboo boards with different specifications are widely used in building materials, transportation equipment, sports facilities, furniture industry, durable, beautiful and generous.

Bamboo furniture panels have been continuously improved in recent years, and the technology is becoming more and more mature. Bamboo boards have the advantages of large strength, stable size, insect-free, non-cracking, zero formaldehyde and non-ignition. Make it a high-quality material for bamboo furniture production.

1. Natural environmental protection, natural materials: bamboo can regulate indoor humidity, absorb ultraviolet rays, antistatic, zero formaldehyde emission is beneficial to human health. Especially after deep carbonization, the bamboo furniture processed will not change color for a long time, which can enhance the role of adsorbing harmful indoor gases.

2. High-temperature cooking, three-prevention treatment: through high-temperature cooking thoroughly sterilize, different from traditional bamboo furniture technology, fundamentally prevent moths, hair enzymes. The strict control of high pressure and moisture content, the crisscross arrangement of bamboo sheets and other scientific techniques ensure that bamboo furniture surpasses solid wood in preventing cracking and deformation. It's called a new generation of green products!

The structure of Bamboo plywood details as below :


image (9)

All bamboo panels are export base on FSC and BSCI systerms, and quality inspection stricly as:

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