Bamboo Decks for Longboard

Bamboo Decks for Longboard manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Bamboo Decks for Longboard (CY-11), Riflescopes, Dive Wetsuits. Surf Wetsuit and so on.

Product Details
Equipped with a professional factory, FOREVER RISE is engaged in manufacturing and marketing quality bamboo decks for longboard made in China at reasonable price. We are one of the leading manufacturers in China. And all of these products are of excellent design and competitive price.

Product Detail

PX bamboo supply 8 layers of full bamboo longboard decks or bamboo laminated Canadian maple long board decking at very competitive price , such lond dance board produced through cold pressure of OEM sizes and shapes to be customized. Which is very hot sale in European and United States Countries.

Compared to wooden slide, such long board is composed of multi bamboo molding, has features of high elasticity, Super strength , does not absorbency ,


Regular dimensions of Long board skateboard decking :

Length 38” , 40” , 41” , 42” , 44” , 47” , 48 ‘’ etc.

Width: 9” , 10.5” etc.

Thickness : 6 Inch. Etc.

Long board  is variant to skateboard, similar to the surfboard / wheeled skis. It is mainly used for city surfing, downhill race, slalom, dance or drift board. Long board and traditional skate have large different , long board is designed for Hill, drift, and drastic turn, dance design molding. Long board length is typically 33 to 59 inches (84 to 3750px), width 9.0-10.0 inch (22.8-635px). The main material of long plates including maple, bamboo, glass fiber, carbon fiber, metal and so on. The long board (longboarding) and street board (skateboarding) are two different play sports. Long board play is almost always linked to the speed, at downhill, the speed is usually up to (30--120km/h). The current world record for the 130.08km/h. long board fun in slide, drift (drift), speed, dancing (similar to make a variety of skills, like dancing on the board). Long board Very popular in North America and Europe, but very few people in China know.

Why bamboo as skatebaord deck ?
Bamboo is belong to grass and bamboo veneers is one the most responsibilities of grass used sports. 
Compared to Maple wood, Bamboo has more toughness and high density , and more smooth surface  ,
all these peculiarity is essential factor for skateboard and longboard , simply skateboard must has high toughness and flexible and smooth etc.
PX bamboo factory can supply thin bamboo veneers which can laminate to maple wood on the middle layers, or bottom layers or top layers,
all this can increase the toughness of the skateboard.  

Px bamboo related thin bamboo panels / bamboo slide plate/ plate veneer/ bamboo panel material, for Longboard decking of size 2000mm x 500mm / 550mm / 600mm ...