Cross Vertical-vertical Bamboo Panel for Furniture Board

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Cross vertical-vertical bamboo panel for furniture board

Here we mainly mean Cross Vertical Bamboo Board used as Furniture board also called 5-ply 30mm Cross Bamboo Panel  or  30mm Bamboo plywood Bamboo furniture board Here means the big size bamboo plywood as bamboo furniture board of structure of Cross Horizontal or Cross Vertical .

With standard size of 4 X8 =1220 x 2440mm by 3-ply and 5-ply bamboo plywood.. And the maximum length is increase to be 5000mm.

Per Ply strand thickness is 4.5mm-5mm-11mm-5mm-4.5mm

Regular has bigger sizes of bamboo plywood as:

2440 X 1220 x 30mm / 40mm / 20mm/18mm/16mm

2440 X 650 x 30mm / 40mm

3050 X1220 x 30mm / 40mm

3050 X 650x 30mm / 40mm

4100 x 600x 40mm,

4100 x 700 x 40 mm

4100 x 600 x 45mm

4100 x 700 x 45 mm

Bamboo plywood is made of fine layers of bamboo strips laying in parallel order.

The strips are kiln dried, sanded smooth and then laminated edge to edge to create a singleply panel.

These panels are then laminated again to each other to create a multi-ply

bamboo plywood with free formaldehyde emission. The multi layers are cross-laminated and heat pressed together to provide stability and to prevent warping.

3-4 times more dimensionally stable then Oak.

Bamboo plywood is especially interesting in those applications where the side of plywood 

remains visible, like steps of a staircase and kitchen work tops.

Bamboo Plywood Color: Natural or Carbonized or Chocolate ( dark carbonized )

Bamboo Plywood Grain: Horizontal or Vertical or Strand Woven

Bamboo Plywood Used in Kitchen cabinet, Kitchen countertop, Furniture,

Ceiling, Wall decoration.

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