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Eco-Environmental bamboo fiber products

Apr 13, 2017

Eco-Environmental bamboo fiber products


Bamboo fiber is environmentally friendly products, environmental performance is high, bamboo fiber is not only including towels, bedding, as well as relate to  underwear, and now also issued a bamboo fiber bags...


Different from ordinary fabrics,  the use of bamboo fiber material to made of bags which are more lightweight and durable, also more environmentally friendly.

bamboo fiber towel.jpg


The development of eco - friendly fabrics, organic cotton, bamboo fiber, and other ecological fabrics are favored by domestic and foreign merchants very much.

With the increasing attention to the goods features on ecological protection, high-tech innovation and reconstruction of bamboo resources is just fit market consumption concept, also fit the global environmental protection requirements, while China Jianou city  bamboo industry chain is to adapt to market trends, with local government support, bamboo enterprises are brave in innovation of the bamboo novelty, seek  core competitiveness chance to develop the bamboo fiber to more and more field.


With the green concept of environmental protection, more and more in-depth life, bamboo fiber is gradual increasing the choices on size and all kinds of brand, and more high quality to ensure the interests of consumers. Bamboo fiber towel, bamboo fiber socks, bamboo-fiber underwear, bamboo fiber clothing and bedding are hot-selling in market ,and bamboo fiber products market demand also increased year by year.



Bamboo - fiber Pajamas has now been widely accepted, many people are accustomed to wearing pajamas to rest, compare to wearing tight underwear pajamas. Scientifically speaking, soft bamboo-fiber Pajamas  is good for people's sleep quality, also project to people skin. As research ,  ecological bamboo fiber has good environmental performance, can maintain the ecological antibacterial activity, and pro soft comfortable, breathable moisture is a preferred product for women improve sleep quality.




The bamboo fiber is made of pure natural bamboo fiber through deep processing, the whole does not add any harmful substances and elements, which can expose the active energy of bamboo substances. Consumers wear for bamboo fiber underwear, is equal to the protective layer to create a layer of natural and harmless in their own body, can effectively resist all kinds of common bacteria viruses.


Bamboo fiber for years successfully won the attention from the National Quality Supervision Department, and Industry Associations Organizer, and Consumer Protection Organizers, which work hand by hand to expand and enhance the influence of the bamboo fiber also this increase the public attention gradually to bamboo industries . In the foreseeable, the future of bamboo fiber will be the future people popular trend.