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bamboocutting board maintanance and distributor of bamboo board

Apr 13, 2017

In recent years, wooden board were gradually replaced by the bamboo board in the kitchen as a trend. Because the bamboo chopping board compared to the traditional wooden cutting board has no deformation, no cracking, no dregs etc. Characteristics.


At present the production of bamboo cutting board mainly have two shapes of round and rectangular. Round bamboo chopping board is made of high quality bamboo pressure molding, outer with metal   ring which has no dregs and high strength, smooth surface, which is suitable be used for soft material. Special series of thick bamboo Hotel pier, the service life is 4  times more than the wooden dish pier. Square bamboo plate appearance, easy to use, no dregs, double available, is the best choice for ordinary families to enjoy cooking.


A good quality bamboo chopping board needs careful maintenance and good to  food hygiene  also can extend the life of insurable bamboo block.


How to keep a bamboo board :


1, maintenance: for new bamboo normal cleaning can be used. For the round bamboo chopping board , in order to prolong its service life,  we should keep the face moist, and use both sides of rotation, in case bamboo board seems loose on surface, then we can put it in warm water for 1-10 minutes according to the situation, but not too long soaking or boiled.  After Using, the block  must be dry a in well ventilated place.


2, chopping board classification: in order to avoid cross infection, bamboo chopping board should cut raw food at one side, and another side cut cooked food. After processing each kind of food, immediately wash it, and then for next kind of food cutting.


3, To prevent the bamboo block cracking, for a new block, it should be immediately oiled.; To oil the chopping block in the upper and lower surfaces and the surrounding, and then be dry and then painted again about three or four times. The surrounding area is easy to crack where can be repeated oiled several times.

After this treatment, the block is not easy to crack. Because the oil penetration strong, not volatile, can long-term moist wood, can prevent oil and block burst. The function of anti-corrosion, chopping is so durable.


4, do not use detergent to clean bamboo board, because the cleaning liquid will penetrate to the chopping block and  cutting board , after a long time which will lead to mildew, and not health for food.


5, In case the chopping board have to deal with heavy oil food, which can use hot water to scrub clean the oil quickly .


6, Pay attention, the chopping board should not be place under direct sunlight, and to avoid excessive drying and cracking of the chopping board.


Bamboo chopping board maintenance method is so simple, remember, the new purchase of the chopping board must be maintained and  the correct use of the chopping board , which can extend its service life more than 4 times.