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Classification of bamboo furniture(1)

Oct 27, 2016

1. bamboo furniture

Bamboo furniture was specifically refers to the circular hollow section of bamboo pole stalks as main parts of furniture, and used a bamboo pole bent and supported by bamboo, bamboo (or bamboo) arrangement and made a kind of furniture. Their chairs and-tables-oriented type, others with beds, flower racks, racks, screens, etc. In China, bamboo furniture, rich raw material resources, low cost, production has a long history, extensive areas and many consumers.

2. laminated bamboo furniture

Glued laminated bamboo furniture is in the wood furniture manufacturing technology developed, using various types of class of furniture made of laminated bamboo.

3. laminated bamboo box furniture

Laminated bamboo box refers to the bamboo furniture integrated base frame or frame and then covered with boards, panels (with bamboo plywood parts as the base type form) a type of furniture. It can be made fixed structures, can also be made removable structure.