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Classification of bamboo furniture(2)

Oct 27, 2016

4. glued laminated bamboo furniture

Laminated bamboo furniture refers to the laminated bamboo plate base plate made of parts made of metal connector joint, such as the type of furniture. With laminated bamboo peeled veneer, edge-grain lumber, string surface materials, end materials or a combination of materials as cladding materials, and conscious use of these materials to the different furniture or in different parts of furniture. Due to the large bamboo integrates the plate format, high strength, can be processed into table large-scale furniture.

5. bamboo scrimber furniture

Bamboo scrimber furniture, also known as recombinant bamboo furniture, commonly known as bamboo furniture. It is based on a variety of bamboo scrimber (recombinant bamboo) for original material, using wooden furniture (solid wood furniture in particular) made of the structure and technology a kind of furniture. It can be made of box-type structure, also can be made of plate structure can be made fixed structures, can also be made removable structure. By carbonization and color matching reorganization made of bamboo, its texture and color are similar to tropical wood, can be used as a substitute for quality hardwood, used in imitation mahogany furniture or product manufacturing.

6. bending of bamboo glued furniture

Bent laminated furniture of bamboo is the use of bamboo, bamboo veneer, bamboo wood and other materials, by type of furniture made of multilayer curved gluing technology.