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Distribution of bamboo in Asia Pacific bamboo area main in China

Dec 12, 2016

Areas Distribution of bamboo - Asia Pacific bamboo area


The Asia Pacific region is the world's largest bamboo plants area.


South latitude 42 degrees north to central Sakhalin, New Zealand, north latitude 51 degrees, east to the Pacific Islands, west of India ocean to the southwest.


These areas are about more than and 50 species of bamboo and more than 900 kinds of bamboo plants, including  clusters of bamboo and scattered raw bamboo, the former accounted for about 3/5,  the later is  about 2/5, of which there are about 100 kinds of economic value of bamboo plants, bamboo transmit to raw panels, and bamboo furniture, bamboo used in construction, and bamboo decorative materials on flooring, decking, wall etc ...


The main bamboo producing countries are China, India, Burma, Thailand, Bangladesh, Kampuchea, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, Sri Lanka and so on.