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Full value of bamboo sheets

Oct 27, 2016

Bamboo plates as a solid wood plank, it has a market space, silos and other industry might deal sheet products unheard of bamboo every day with us, it is not surprising, as to the value of bamboo plates, are confused. Bamboo plate as a new environmentally friendly building materials, FIR, oak, pine, birch, much less visibility. But we believe that the bamboo plate market space has not opened, the value has not yet been brought into full play.

So how should give full play to the bamboo plate worth? The fact laid before us now is to tree solid wood market supply decreasing, both at home and abroad have a strict control on bamboo harvesting, exploitation of bamboo, is fraught with risk. Bamboo plates came into being, from the material and Visual, bamboo plate full as much as the common edge glued panels, and physical and mechanical properties of a more prominent, for example solid wood's biggest drawback – cracking, bamboo plate No, wood usually have wooden and bamboo lines natural and fresh, giving you fresh enjoyment.