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How to choose a woven bamboo mat?

Nov 30, 2018

Woven Bamboo Matting Design For Celling Or Walls.jpgWoven bamboo mats are generally made of bamboo such as water bamboo, bamboo, oil bamboo, etc., and the bamboo skin is twisted into silk, which is woven by hand, weft and weaving after cooking, soaking and other techniques. Woven bamboo mats can be divided into green seats, yellow seats, flower seats and dyed enamel seats. The green seats are all woven from green stalks. The yellow seats are all woven with yellow enamel. The mats are green and yellow, and the color is bright. The dyed enamel mats dye the bamboo buds into various colors and weave the patterns. . In recent years, there has also been a bamboo mat in the market. It uses bamboo as raw material, and the two-finger bamboo block is made of nylon rope. This bamboo mat is durable and suitable for Simmons soft beds.

The selection of woven bamboo mats should be seen three times. At first glance, whether it is produced by a regular manufacturer, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the outer packaging of the product has a brand name, a manufacturer, etc.; secondly, whether the color of the material used for the woven bamboo mat is symmetrical, and whether the color of the material is uniform or not determines the aesthetic degree of the bamboo mat. Third, see if the mat is smooth, this is an important aspect of testing the quality of bamboo mats. Consumers can gently slide the handle on the surface to feel the smoothness of the bamboo mat. Fourth, see if the weaving is tight, this is certain To a certain extent, it affects the service life of bamboo mats. The use of woven bamboo mats is very particular. When using it, pay attention to the three taboos: one should avoid washing with water to prevent mildew damage. If the woven bamboo mat needs to be cleaned, wipe it with a soft towel; Doing will affect the service life of the bamboo mat; When paving, keep the bamboo mat flat. Like bamboo mats and bamboo mats, it is generally not suitable to lay them on a soft brown trampoline or a steel bed with too much depression. Otherwise, it will affect its service life.