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How to choose bamboo cutting board?

Jan 18, 2019
Vertical Pressed Bamboo Cheese Cutting Board With 15cm Groove.jpgAt present, the common cutting boards on the market are made of bamboo, wood and plastic, but the qualified bamboo cutting board should be made of natural plants. The material is firm and not easy to crack or slag, and the dirt is not easy to be stuck in the gap. It is relatively clean and easy to clean. Because the bamboo cutting board is easy to air dry, it is not easy to mold and smell, it is a good choice. The fly in the ointment is that the bamboo cutting board is not spliced because of its insufficient thickness. It can not withstand heavy blows when used, so it is best to cut vegetables or fruits, but the meat is not suitable.

When buying bamboo cutting boards, don't buy the color that is especially white. It is best to smell the smell of the cutting board first. If there is a sour taste, it may be bleached with sulfur or glued. And the glued glue contains harmful substances. It is best to choose glue-free glued joints, that is, completely adopt the bamboo cutting board with bolt-fastening process or whole bamboo surface. It is better to use bamboo texture and it is not easy to fake.

Even if you use bamboo cutting board, after cutting the dishes every day, it is best to disinfect the cutting board. You can use the following method: washing method. Wash the cutting board with a hard brush and water, then boil it with boiling water, and let it dry in the sun. Do not give the bacteria a place to inhabit; Every time you use the cutting board, scrape off the food residue and residual juice on the surface, brush it with water, then soak it in salt water for 2 hours, then take it out to dry it. This will not only kill the bacteria, but also prevent the cutting board from cracking. It should be noted that if the bamboo cutting board is glued, it is best not to cook in hot water to prevent the cutting board from cracking.