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How to choose the best quality bamboo sheets

Oct 27, 2016

1, we need to examine the bamboo plate surface, observe the surface is uniform, plump, smooth, bubble, holes and other phenomena. With joint lubrication, fingers along the Groove smooth touch, is there a rough feel.

2, we need to test bamboo dimensional stability, if we have the conditions can be sawed 200mm long at 80 degrees, for 1 hour, bamboo plate deformation, deformation, it can not be used under high temperature conditions.

3, we need to look for the bamboo plate security logo, it is not a regular manufacturer's product. Be sure to check the manufacturer's logo, address, etc, you must select a product with security measures such as password, this relatively higher trust.

4, we want to view the environmental factors of bamboo sheets, green is now one of the most important conditions, bamboo sheets are now available on the very environment, and the sustainable use of decoration materials.