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How to maintain woven bamboo panels and woven matting sheets?

Jun 22, 2018


Woven bamboo sheets are usually made from bamboo such as bamboo, bamboo, bamboo and so on, and the bamboo skin is split into strips of bamboo.According to different materials, bamboo MATS can be divided into green MATS, yellow MATS, flower MATS and dyed meerel MATS.Blue seats by green dismiss all woven, yellow seats all use yellow mie weave, yamamotothe flower mat green and yellow, the colour and lustre is bright, dyeing dismiss yamamotothe flower mat bamboo will dismiss dyed all sorts of color, weave patterns, generally used for decoration.In recent years, there is also a kind of bamboo mat on the market.It is made from bamboo, the two - finger - wide bamboo pieces are made of nylon string.This kind of bamboo mat is strong and durable, suitable for simmons soft bed.

Maintenance of bamboo matting rolls

Bamboo mat should not be exposed to the sun to avoid brittle;When pad bamboo mat, want to keep bed board level off, lest put aside break.

Marked some: open air conditioning for the night, with 26 ℃ advisable.Sleep mat, must cover with thin blanket abdomen, shoulders and other parts, do not suffer from cold, prevent to cause diarrhea, cold disease, even spine disease and periarthritis of shoulder.

Choose of bamboo weave matting

The choice of bamboo mat should be three.A look is normal manufacturer produces, this needs to pay attention to whether the outer packing of the goods has the brand name, the manufacturer and so on;Two see whether the material color of the bamboo mat is symmetrical, whether the material color is symmetrical determines the aesthetic degree of the bamboo mat;The third is to see whether the mat is smooth, which is an important aspect of measuring the quality of bamboo mat. Consumers can slide their hands lightly on the mat to feel the smoothness of bamboo mat.The fourth is to see whether the weaving is tight, which affects the service life of bamboo mat to a certain extent.The use of bamboo mat is very particular, when using, must pay attention to "three bogey" : one bogey water scour, in order to prevent mildew damage, if the bamboo mat really needs to clean, can use wet soft towel to wipe;2 avoid basking in the sun, such doing can affect the service life of bamboo mat;Three avoid fold pressure.When spreading, want to keep bamboo mat level off, be like bamboo mat and bamboo wire mat general unfavorable matting is in too soft palm stretch bed or the steel wire bed with too big dent, can affect its service life otherwise.Choose and buy bamboo mat besides choosing different breed according to oneself constitution and be fond of, still need to be in choosing when one smell, two see, three touch.

Collection of bamboo woven panels

When the weather turns cold in autumn, the summer mat should be put away, and the following measures can be followed:

1. First, wipe the sweat stains on the bamboo mat with a warm towel several times;

2. Wipe the front and back of the mat several times with 3-5% light salt water, which can not only kill some insects and bacteria, but also keep the mat moist and prevent dry cracks;

3. It is better to be dry when the weather is dry and hot, avoid explosion and sun, and prevent the bamboo wire from becoming brittle and easy to break.

4. Before packaging, you can use cotton cloth to touch prickly heat powder or wind-oil essence to wipe the mat, and then wrap the inner layer with some newspapers (water can be absorbed).

5. When placed, be careful not to press hard, and maintain a certain amount of ventilation, avoid moisture.

6. Don't fold it up, fix it with a newspaper and roll it up again.

Woven Bamboo Panels And Woven Matting Sheets