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How to performance of the bamboo plates of the best

Oct 27, 2016

As the proverb says "make bricks without straw", as no material, talented craftsmen are also useless, if you want to produce good quality products, first of all want to have good material, which is the prerequisite and guarantee, then can be designed and developed. Bamboo plates is such material, injected fresh blood into the manufacturing sector, the various aspects of the physical and mechanical properties of the material, compared to solid wood material, has a significant breakthrough and pioneering, which gave the majority of manufacturing practitioners to create unparalleled opportunities for product.

Material or the material, why are they rough can only produce cheap products, and anyone can create Flash high value-added products? Difference is that is not carefully studied the mechanical characteristics of the bamboo plates, is not a scientific experiment to demonstrate if the breakthrough and development of design and explore. If the rut, even the best material will be buried and slander.