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How to use 100% Natural Kinds Of Bamboo Coffee Cup?

Jun 28, 2018


The material of best reusable coffee cup

There are many kinds of coffee cups, such as pottery, stainless steel, bone porcelain, bamboo and so on.Both porcelain and pottery are made by glazing. The pottery has a rough texture and is slightly water-absorbent.The quality of porcelain is small and does not absorb water.The bone China cup has good thermal insulation and can keep the coffee warm in the cup, but the price is very high.The double stainless steel cup has high thermal insulation and durability, so it will not be worn.The  bamboo coffee mug, healthy and environment-friendly, low-key and tasteful, is a kind of coffee cup made of high-quality bamboo, exquisite and beautiful in style, with a bit of nostalgic atmosphere.This type of cup is durable, high temperature resistant, fall resistant and beautiful, safe.

 Size of bamboo coffee cup

The size of coffee cups is generally divided into three types:

Small coffee cup

(60ml~80ml) -- it is suitable for tasting pure and high-quality coffee, or strong single taste coffee. Although you can drink it almost in one bite, the lingering aroma is the most delicate flavor of coffee.

Regular coffee cup

(120ml~140ml) -- a common coffee cup. Generally, when drinking coffee, choose such a cup more often. There is enough space for self-mixing and adding milk powder and sugar.

Mugs or fraiche mugs

(over 300ml) -- ideal for coffee with lots of milk, such as American mocha, which USES mugs for its sweet and varied taste.The romantic French, on the other hand, used a large bowl of coffee with milk (olay) to create a mood of euphoria that lasted throughout the morning.

Using of bamboo coffee cup

Coffee is not just for xiaozi anymore. Many people will choose to go to the coffee shop for a cup of coffee or make coffee at home.The coffee you drink after a meal is usually served in a pocket cup.This kind of cup has a small ear and can't get through the fingers.

But even with larger cups, don't run your fingers through the ear to hold the cup.The correct way to hold a coffee cup is to hold the handle with your thumb and forefinger and then lift the cup.Choose a bamboo reusable coffee cup can choose a few fine ceramic couple coffee cups, also can bring good mood to oneself.

When adding sugar to coffee, sugar can be scooped out with a coffee spoon and added directly into the cup.You can also use a sugar holder to put the sugar cube on the side of the coffee plate, and then use the coffee spoon to add the sugar cube to the cup.If you put the sugar directly into the cup with a sugar shaker or hand, it may sometimes spill the coffee and stain your clothes or tablecloth.The coffee spoon is specially used for stirring coffee, and it should be taken out when drinking coffee.No more spoonfuls of coffee with a coffee spoon, and no more mashing up the sugar in the cup with a coffee spoon.

When drinking coffee, you can hold the coffee cup ear with your right hand, gently hold the coffee plate with your left hand, and slowly move to your mouth to sip.Should not fully grasp the cup, gulp swallow, also should not bow on the coffee cup.Don't make any noise while drinking coffee.When adding coffee, don't remove the coffee cup from the saucer.The freshly brewed coffee is so hot that you can gently stir it in the cup with a spoon to cool it down, or wait for it to cool naturally before drinking it.It's very rude to try to blow the coffee down with your mouth.The cups and saucers that hold the coffee are specially made, and the high-end coffees will be matched. They should be placed on the front or right side of the drinker, and the ears should be pointed to the right side.

100% Natural Kinds Of Bamboo Coffee Cup