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Innovative technology of bamboo keyboards products ...

Dec 12, 2016

Innovative technology

Keyboard and mouse products, technology is quite mature, who will make. But, can think of using bamboo to build the keyboard and mouse,

Bamboo keyboard for the first time. It is the innovation of bamboo keyboard percussion sound small, natural temperature, can avoid static, prolong the service life of the electronic components of the keyboard. This kind of innovation, the biggest selling point is the environmental protection, especially in Europe and other developed countries, environmental protection products are often the most popular, even if the price slightly expensive, also selling. Small bamboo, processed into the keyboard and mouse, becomes a good environmental health products. Computer is expected to wear a full set of "bamboo cloak" so far out of the production of bamboo keyboard, mouse basically are exported to the United States, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. Moreover, they Lenovo is also working with other well-known computer companies to discuss cooperation. "Given the bamboo bamboo keyboard, mouse and other low cost, good handle, easy to use, environmental protection and other excellent properties, the future plans for a wide range of promotion." in the future will put the production field extends to the host computer, display case etc. Face, making the computer "put on" a full set of environmental protection.


Bamboo can replace the wood and bamboo forest, very green, also has anti radiation protection of eyesight, static benefits, to make good use of today, with more and more mature technology and social development, we are looking forward to the computer put on his coat, not only that, we also expect to put our mobile phone put on his coat, let we protect eyesight is not a problem.



Jianou Youxi bamboo industry output value exceeded 18 billion  RBM at the first three quarters of this year


Published: 2016-11-15 11:05:33 source: Sanming daily view


Our Youxi County, precise poverty, the full implementation of modern bamboo production projects, promote the production of bamboo industry development, promote the increase of farmers' income, boosting the scientific development of bamboo industry in the county.


The first three quarters of this year, the total output value of bamboo industry in the county exceeded 18 billion RMB.


From 2015 , "China bamboo village" and "China bamboo township of Youxi Jianou county take the development of bamboo industry as the breakthrough of the development of forestry industry and ecological economic industry,  it can realize that the bamboo farmers income doubled.


There are 5 towns are the modern agricultural bamboo town and bamboo production enterprises town , there is preferential policies on their own business  and more confidence on the rise of scientific technology for bamboo products, bamboo boom, to increase the cultivation of bamboo resources, grasp the forest classification management, directional cultivation, pollution-free business and other scientific research, deep turn up tending, weeding, fertilization and irrigation, technical measures and control of pests and diseases of the implementation.


At present, 5 towns have been completed fertilization bamboo forest area of more than 7000 Mu, Zhushan opened tractor road more than and 100 kilometers, the construction of Zhushan reservoir more than and 50, water storage capacity of more than 1500 cubic meters. At the same time, the county has 5 villages and towns in the project area bamboo farmers and project management staff with technical training more than and 300 people, radiation driven around more than 1000 households venture out of poverty.


The county's 5 townships project area through the implementation of modern bamboo production projects, bamboo farmers mastered the cultivation techniques of Mao bamboo forest ,  to enhance the overall forest intensive and meticulous farming, management level and comprehensive benefits, built the per farmer's volume of bamboo plants reached more than more than 170 plants,  and output value increased by 400-500 RMB in 2016, there are 135 thousand Zhushan County bamboo household has per capita income to exceed 5000 RMB.