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Low Carbon Life of Bamboo Furniture and Environmental protection

Dec 12, 2016

Bamboo furniture  -- why low carbon environmental protection


1st  what is "low carbon""

The Copenhagen summit of the "low carbon" theme, "the completion of the Shanghai World Expo zero carbon Museum", "low carbon" has become the focus of attention.


Low carbon, English  lowcarbon,  mean lower, lower greenhouse gas carbon dioxide emissions. Spread to the world promoting low-carbon life (low-carbonlife) concept, "low carbon"  to yo and me health.


2nd , what is the "low carbon furniture"

Green low-carbon furniture, is a natural tendency to save energy and materials, does not contain harmful substances, do not release harmful gases, easy recycling. The core concept of low-carbon furniture is energy saving, emission reduction, health, environmental protection, emphasis on people-oriented, respect for life and health, to build a harmonious society.


3rd ,  what is "low carbon furniture" standard

"Low carbon furniture" first used materials to the environment, the best is the natural environmental protection material. Wood, rattan, bamboo is the most natural environmental protection material, but the human of wood cutting flood, causing damage to the ecological environment, especially for the precious wood, such as pear, rosewood and other species, and more rare. These materials do furniture is expensive, but should be more human to protect it, cherish it. Rattan, bamboo is the best natural materials, especially rattan, by the United Nations environmental protection organization recommended for the green room.


And How to produce low carbon bamboo furniture ?

low carbon bamboo furniture production process

"Low carbon furniture" in the production process to achieve energy saving, emission reduction, reducing harmful gas emissions, does not contain harmful substances. Especially the content of formaldehyde, can not exceed the standard.

Some poor synthetic density board, formaldehyde content is too high, the material production of furniture, increase the emissions of harmful gases.

Caused great damage to the environment and human health.

At the same time, the furniture in the large-scale production process, how to improve the technical level, to achieve energy saving, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, will be very important.

Some of the properties of the material can be used in artificial weaving methods, the production of furniture with art, while no pollution, which is very suitable for the production process of low carbon requirements.