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Outdoor Bamboo Flooring and Strand Woven Decking Characteristics

Jun 23, 2017

Outdoor Bamboo decking and terrace bamboo flooring is hot used in outside of garden, swimming pool, public area , terrace area, and outside steps and stairs etc ..which  is made out of strand woven bamboo flooring and we do the clear oil on the decking, to give water proof and it can last a long time. and anti-moldy, long-life flooring.


Strand woven bamboo flooring has very unique design and the density is much higher than regular flooring, it is 1,250kg / m3, so it is really strong and it is not so easy to be bending or cupping.

Bamboo decking and surface effect:


Size: 1860 / 2000 / 2500 x 139 x 18 / 20 / 28 /30

      1860 / 2000 / 2500 x 138 x 40

There are small wave, big wave, small groove, fat surface available.


Bamboo Decking Color:  Brown Carbonized, and Dark Chocolate Carbonzied.


Hardness: 3000 per Janka scale

Glue: Dynea, European 1 standard E1 to E0

Finish: OSMO oil,  or wax oil.

Milling: Pre-oiled with grooves

Installation: Nail, or Sub-floor with metal lock accessories.from back side.

All bamboo flooring is characterized by:

· Lowest formaldehyde in the industry ( 0.0127 ppm for standard bamboo flooring, 0.02 ppm for strand woven bamboo flooring )

· Use of only sustainability  harvested 5-8 year old Mao bamboo ( phyllostachys pubescen )

· Milled with the finest German and Italian equipment for greatest consistency

· All bamboo floors available unfinished or prefinished

· 25-year non-de-lamination warranty

· 5-year "wear through" warranty on Aluminum Oxide finished bamboo flooring

Bamboo Decking Used

· Garden, Zoo, Outside public area, Swimming pool, Square, Terrace, exterior steps and risers and platform , Board Walk ,  Canopy walkway etc..

Bamboo Decking / flooring tiles projects :

strand woven bamboo floooring boardwalk decking.png

bamboo boardwalk decking tiles.png

bamboo decking outside flooring.png