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Pure bamboo plates Green

Oct 27, 2016

Bamboo plate pure green environmental protection material, was used for home improvements, but also can be used to make all kinds of furniture, such as bamboo coffee table, TV cabinet, bed sofas, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo closet window, not only comfortable and beautiful and durable. Bamboo is a natural oxygen bar, bamboo decoration, indoor temperature and humidity can be adjusted, adsorption of harmful substances in the air, which has a good health function, can significantly improve the well-being of the family, and make my life more happy.

Bamboo plate is true, as the laminated bamboo strips lumber than single-layer solid wood finger jointing plates, material is more solid, more superior physical and mechanical properties. I think people's sense of happiness and the environment has a special relationship, such as in the busy shopping street, has a downtown so kind of feeling, but at night, when alone, I feel may be a far cry, and may even feel eerie.