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Use of bamboo furniture, bamboo methods and points for attention(2)

Oct 27, 2016

4, uniform coating adhesives, ensure the adhesive coating covering the entire compound and leave blank.

5, before the adhesive cure bamboo furniture and substrate composition, surface pressure with a pressure level, excess adhesive with inside bubble extrusion.

6, is the block of multi-layer bamboo furniture Board directly as a furniture panel combined with other furniture accessories take the width of the bamboo furniture, too prone to bending deformation of wide, so for large area

Plate applications we recommend the use of vertical and horizontal cross-structure of bamboo furniture.

7, due to characteristics of bamboo fiber, bamboo furniture, plate cutting, drilling operations, be sure to use fast speed, saw dense, thin chainsaw and the speed of the fastest drill, not with large serrated saw and nail directly on the bamboo furniture.