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What are the advantages of bambooboard panel ?

Dec 14, 2018
The Size Length 4000-6000mm Long Bamboo Board For Work.jpgBamboo board panel is a building material with high-pressure blanks made of bamboo material as the main structure and filling material. Due to the high hardness, flexural resistance and compression resistance of bamboo rubber sheets, steel templates have been replaced in many areas of use. Because bamboo is easy to cultivate, forests with fast forests can be cut down in three to five years and can replace wood. Therefore, the policy of the Ministry of Forestry supports the development of wood-based panels with bamboo as the main processing material, which has been replaced in many places. Use of wood-based panels.

Bamboo board panel is widely used in horizontal formwork, shear wall, vertical wall board, bridge, viaduct, dam, tunnel subway and beam pile formwork in building construction, and bambooboard panel is also widely used in various containers, boxes, cars and Train floor, household floor, indoor ceiling, door panel, furniture, etc.

The bambooboard panel can be used as a common structural board, or can be used as a car floor by the plate length and surface treatment.