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What are the processes of bamboo panel?

Nov 22, 2018
China High Quality Bamboo Panels.jpgBamboo panel, also known as bamboo board, has a surface similar to wood board, carbonized bamboo panel, beautiful board surface, fresh bamboo pattern, natural color, pleasant bamboo fragrance, elegant texture, high degree of splitting, elasticity and toughness. The production process is divided into natural bamboo panel, carbonized bamboo board, and zebra bamboo board; according to the bamboo strip structure, it is divided into flat pressed bamboo board, side pressed bamboo panel, I-shaped bamboo board, vertical and horizontal bamboo panel, bamboo veneer and multi-layer board.

In order to fully remove the sugar and fat in the bamboo, and enhance the strength and stability of the bamboo panel, the bamboo fiber is subjected to high-temperature and high-pressure hot-steaming and carbonization treatment, so that the carbon fiber of the bamboo fiber tissue is extremely zoomed, thereby ensuring sufficient insecticidal sterilization. It greatly enhances the hardness and strength of the bamboo board and enhances the mold resistance of the bamboo board.

The bamboo panel is made of natural fresh, four to six years of high quality fresh bamboo as raw material, high temperature cooking, high pressure carbonization treatment, constant temperature drying, complete de-sugar removal, carbonization, insecticidal sterilization, scientific consolidation of bamboo fine milling, use The environmentally friendly glue is assembled into different specifications of plates under high temperature and high pressure. The product not only retains the inherent high density, toughness and strength of the bamboo, but also maintains the natural texture of the bamboo, fresh and elegant, beautiful and comfortable. Its environmental protection indicators have reached the European E1 standard for export, and it is the best raw material for bamboo crafts and bamboo furniture. It caters to the modern people's return to the truth, advocating nature, and the new wave of environmental protection.