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What is Bamboo Curtain?

Jun 13, 2018

Bamboo door curtains , especially one hanging in a doorway or window, is one of the bamboo weaving techniques of the han nationality.In ancient times empress dowager or queen face the court to listen to the government, the temple with a bamboo screen, then known as the curtain to listen to the government.Sinocalamus affinis bamboo curtain used as raw material, give priority to with manual techniques, with the help of a simple and clever wood machinery, as fine as the duck's bamboo filament, after more than 20 procedure handmade, woven, shaped like a jin bao ruchan silks unique bamboo handicrafts, give a person the sense of of primitive simplicity and elegant, let a space full of elegant flavor.


 History of Bamboo curtains for windows

Bamboo hanging curtain  manufacturing technology has been more than a thousand years of history.

According to historical records, as early as the northern song dynasty, it was listed as a royal tribute, famous for drinking, known as "the first curtain under heaven".Chongqing bamboo shade in local sinocalamus affinis of thyme and bamboo as raw material, as fine as the duck's bamboo filament, with the help of a wooden looms, after more than dozens of working procedure of hand-made, made as thin as cicada, similar to jin's unique bamboo handicrafts, and combining the calligraphy and painting, embroidery, flocking, and other technique of expression, seiko produced all kinds of curtain, screen, adornment and practical arts and crafts, it color elegant, sophisticated technology, have full-bodied local flavor and natural charm, is a rarity in the splendid culture of ancient China, enjoys a good reputation in the process of fine arts.Liang ping's bamboo curtain is favored by compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, overseas Chinese and foreign friends.The great hall of the people and diaoyutai state guesthouse in Beijing are all treasured.


Features of Cheap bamboo curtains  

1. Bamboo curtain has the characteristics of simplicity and freedom from vulgarity, vivid and harmonious, and green environmental protection.

2. The bamboo curtain retains the excellent characteristics of high density, good toughness and strong strength inherent in the bamboo material, with the characteristics of strong durability, non-deformation, smooth texture, soft color and elegant and generous.

3,Bamboo style curtainshas insect-resistant eat by moth, mildew proof, corrosion resistance, prevent slippery, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, high strength, resistance to deformation characteristics, its elegant and clear surface texture, colour and lustre is beautiful and easy, can fully embody the dependent features of harmony between human and nature, is a global green environmental protection product.Bamboo blinds are easy to clean, not afraid of sprinkling water and the burning of cigarette ends and match stalks, their function is better than cloth curtains, its beautiful style is also incomparable with other curtains.Bamboo blinds can be widely used in homes, hotels, stores, restaurants, tea houses, writing rooms, reception rooms, meeting rooms, libraries and other places.

4. green decorative materials: is for the purpose of environmental protection design and production of non-toxic harmless non-pollution adornment material, is the national environmental protection department designated agencies according to the environmental protection standard product confirmation, certified products.Such as environmental protection compound wood floor, its hardness, intensity, wear-resisting degree, resist deformation, flame retardant, waterproof, insect proofing, antistatic and other indicators greatly exceed the original wood floor.In addition, have heat preservation, insect repellent, health care and other multi-functional wall paper, wall cloth has occupied a considerable market share, the new development of a strong adhesion of the new stone material, ceramic tile adhesive, caulking agents, such as environmental protection floor glue, nail glue free all has the characteristics of non-toxic harmless, does not pollute the environment.In addition, the international consumers' association is calling on environmental protection authorities in various countries to standardize the use of green product labeling, which will play a positive role in regulating the market and protecting the rights and interests of consumers.

5.The bamboo curtain with hundreds of leaves wins in nature concise, ice cold is most suitable for summer atmosphere.It can block the hot sun and make people feel cool.The bamboo curtain piece that goes through special processing, not only feel natural, line is lively, encounter water also won't moldy, avoid worry of aftercare.

Bamboo Curtain