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What is Bamboo Door Panels For Kitchen Bamboo?

Jun 08, 2018

The indoor door of Bamboo cabinet doors is made of natural bamboo, which is refined by a series of about 35 processing techniques.

Bamboo door is divided into bamboo chip door and bamboo plate door, and bamboo chip door is the density board door which is crushed by bamboo sticks and bamboo roots.Bamboo board door is made of bamboo board after the low carbon, environmental protection door, and solid wood door.


Bamboo door advantages

The advantages of Kitchen cupboard doors are:

First, the bamboo door has no deformation, no cracking, very stable quality.Apply to bathroom, kitchen and other damp environment.

2. Use natural bamboo as raw material with beautiful texture.And through a variety of different processing techniques, different textures can be displayed.The material of bamboo is very strong, more than 2 times higher than the density of ordinary wood, can match with rosewood, sandalwood and other precious.The surface is sculptured,

3. With the latest developed glue and paint, the content of formaldehyde and benzene in the door is very low, reaching the California standard for export to the United States, and the inspection report issued by relevant inspection department is available.


Due to the physical and mechanical properties of bamboo is highly, so under the same bearing mechanical strength, Bamboo kitchen cabinet doors components to satisfy strength requirement of its small size, which in turn equivalent component size, bamboo door intensity and rigidity than general original wood door.In the overall shape of the appropriate weight, more can reflect the rigidity of bamboo materials and force of the aesthetics.Bamboo and wood doors pay attention to simple and bright shape and smooth lines;Can realize modular combination and extension;The overall design advocates the nature, simplicity and environmental protection.Combining with the diversity of the function of bamboo itself, it can meet people's comfortable demand to the maximum extent.Through various structural changes and rich color treatment of bamboo materials, it forms a variety of styles to meet the needs of consumers at different levels.Bamboo door design can be integrated with architectural design and interior design and has more functions of bearing space integration.


The later process is simple and easy to realize industrial scale

Bamboo door, break traditional craft, realize scale production.Because the material of bamboo is uniform and easy to process, when using sawing tool, the workpiece surface is smooth and the tool wear is less.Moreover, from the perspective of ecological design, it is also of great significance to environmental protection, and has the advantages that traditional wooden doors cannot be compared with.


The material is environment-friendly and has the characteristics of "green products"

The main products of bamboo door are UF resin adhesive with low free formaldehyde content and non-toxic special adhesive.Compared with the traditional wood panel production glue, the bamboo material production glue is more environmentally friendly.Bamboo door requires the production of synthetic resin free formaldehyde to meet international standards.



 Bamboo Door Panels For Kitchen Bamboo Cabinet Door