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What is bamboo tissue box?

Nov 16, 2018

In the field of tissue boxes, a tissue box that is convenient to use and that protects the tissue from external contamination is provided. The structure comprises a box body whose bottom surface is not closed, a base for sealing the bottom surface of the box body, a paper take-out opening on the top surface of the box body and a cover for covering the paper take-up opening, the cover a part of the edge of the cover is hinged to the top surface of the box body by an elastic hinge mechanism, and the elastic hinge mechanism comprises a fixed hinge seat connected to the box body, a movable hinge seat connected to the cover body, a hinge shaft and a elasticity for directional rotation of the movable hinge seat the component, the lower hinge and the upper hinge are connected by a hinge shaft and an elastic member, and the box body is provided with a positioning device for fastening the cover on the opposite side of the elastic hinge mechanism.


Although the tissue box is cheap and flexible to use, if it is hit several times, it may burst or deform to cause the balance to be lost and the tissue box to be invalidated. Of course, there is no standard for the use of tissue boxes, as long as it is not often hit, but also need to pay attention to the following points:

1, paper tissue box should be used as much as possible in the case of wet or frequent spraying

2, metal tissue box note to minimize friction, otherwise the oil layer will be worn away will rust, and do not expose to the sun

3, plastic tissue box do not often fall and exposure

4, leather tissue box is not easy to damage, can be reused, and is more environmentally friendly, long service life.

5, bamboo tissue box, the style is more simple, green and environmentally friendly, generally placed on the table.

Bamboo Tissue Box