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What is the development of bamboo panel?

Dec 07, 2018

Laminated Bamboo Lumber In Plywood.jpgThe use of bamboo panel has two types of raw bamboo utilization and processing. When the original bamboo panel is used, it is used as building materials, transporting bamboo rafts, infusion pipes, medium and small bamboo materials for making stationery, musical instruments, agricultural tools, and bamboo weaving. Processing and utilization have a variety of uses, such as bamboo laminates can be made of mechanical wear parts; bamboo and wood composite panels have been made into the first bamboo single-wing advanced trainer; bamboo wood-based panels can be used as engineering materials. In addition, bamboo yellow can also be made into a variety of arts and crafts. Bamboo is also an important raw material for papermaking, fiberboard and acetate, and nitrocellulose. Bamboo charcoal has a higher surface hardness than charcoal and can be used in the smelting industry and in the production of activated carbon.

The bamboo panel industry has maintained rapid growth year after year, and the growth rate of the market has remained above 10%. The overall development of the industry is in good shape, and enterprise innovation and new technologies and new product development have sprung up. The enthusiasm for developing bamboo panel resources everywhere is very high. The bamboo panel industry has become a pillar industry for local economic and social development and has become the main source of economic income for mountain farmers.

In recent years, countries have paid more and more attention to environmental protection, global timber supply has gradually decreased, and the rational use and development of bamboo panel resources has received more and more attention. Bamboo panel products are becoming one of the important consumer goods in developed countries and regions. China's bamboo resources cultivation, processing and utilization technology lead the world and occupy a pivotal position in the global bamboo panel industry. At present, China's bamboo panel industry has formed an emerging industry with potential and vitality from resource cultivation, processing and utilization to export trade to bamboo panel industry eco-tourism.