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What is the structure of the bamboo decking?

Jan 11, 2019
Outdoor Bamboo Decking.jpgAccording to the surface structure, bamboo flooring can be divided into: bamboo decking with side surface--side bamboo flooring; bamboo decking with string surface--flat bamboo flooring; three types of bamboo decking. According to the processing method of bamboo flooring, it can be divided into natural bamboo decking and carbonized bamboo flooring. The bamboo floor maintains the original color of the bamboo, and the bamboo strip of the carbonized bamboo floor is subjected to high-temperature and high-pressure carbonization treatment, so that the color of the bamboo piece is deepened, and the color of the bamboo piece is uniform.

The floor is a very important part of the home decoration. Whether it is the appearance of the bamboo decking, the quiet and delicate color or the tactile enjoyment of the furniture itself, it is very suitable for the home decoration of the home life, giving people a fresh and refined feeling, it is flexible. Good stability, can be described as suitable for both young and old. The bamboo decking is beautiful and delicate, and it is used for home decoration. It is a visual feast. Bamboo decking is processed through layers. Relatively speaking, bamboo flooring is very different from ordinary flooring. Especially in terms of texture and shape, the advantages of bamboo decking are relatively more than the price. The floor is a bit more expensive. Of course, bamboo decking also has the natural advantage of warm winter and cool summer.

The processing technology of bamboo flooring is different from the bamboo products in the traditional sense. It is made of medium and high-grade bamboo, processed after strict selection of materials, materials, bleaching, vulcanization, dehydration, insect control and anti-corrosion. It is then made of high temperature and high pressure thermosetting glued surface. Compared with solid wood flooring, bamboo decking has its advantages and disadvantages. Bamboo decking is wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, moisture-proof and fireproof. Its physical properties are superior to solid wood flooring. Its tensile strength is higher than that of solid wood flooring, and its shrinkage is lower than that of solid wood flooring. After laying, it will not crack, not twist, and will not deform and arch. However, the bamboo wood floor has high strength and hardness, and the foot feel is not as comfortable as the solid wood floor, and the appearance is not rich and varied. Its appearance is natural bamboo texture, beautiful color, conforming to people's return to nature, which is better than composite wood flooring. Therefore, the price is also between solid wood flooring and composite wood flooring.