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Advantages Of Bamboo Countertops

Feb 06, 2017

Bamboo can’t seem to make up its mind. Is it a grass, shrub, tree, or weed? Regardless of what you call it, one thing is indisputable: bamboo is one of the strongest, most versatile floras that our world has to offer. Besides the fact that it is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, it's stronger and more durable than concrete, and has tensile strength that is comparable to steel. For this reason, it is frequently used for building and construction material and as a versatile fiber. As a renewable raw material, bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly in the world. It can be used to produce textiles, fabrics, paper, food and even medicine. With its versatility and environmental friendliness, bamboo makes an excellent choice for your new countertop.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bamboo Countertops

As is true for every type of material, bamboo has its pros and cons. The advantages, some of which have already been discussed, are numerous. They include environmental friendliness, durability and unique styling. Additionally, bamboo is relatively cheap to buy and install compared to other eco-friendly countertop materials. Despite all of its attractive features and selling points, bamboo is not without its disadvantages. Bamboo countertops can be relatively easily stained and otherwise damaged compared to other alternatives. If you are the type of person who wants his countertop to always look as immaculate as it did the day it was installed, bamboo probably wouldn’t be your material of choice. Additionally, bamboo countertops require continuous maintenance, such as coating the surface with beeswax every several months. It is up to you to determine whether or not the pros of bamboo outweigh the cons for your particular project. Keep in mind that every material has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is important that you choose the material that fits your personality and the look and functionality of your kitchen.

Bamboo is a marvelous plant that also happens to make for exceptional countertops. It is relatively cheap, ecologically sound, and possesses timeless style. However, as outlined above, it is not for everyone. It is ultimately up to you to determine what material is right for your countertop. If you do choose bamboo, you will see that it serves as an excellent choice for your project. If you use the knowledge and tips provided in this guide, you will be able to select an affordable bamboo countertop that is environmentally friendly and gives your kitchen a fresh new look.