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Aesthetic Characteristics Of Bamboo Furniture(1)

Jan 19, 2017

Bamboo is a traditional furniture timber. According to historical records, as early as the Tang and Song Dynasties China has bamboo furniture, portraits of the Tang and Song from some Buddhist era can be seen in the four early official hat chairs, footstools and Zen bamboo furniture and other bamboo chair. In recent years, with the increasing improvement of people's living standards, advocating green, back to nature, cherish the idea of green aesthetic sense and more intense. Bamboo as a green material is also more and more people of all ages, bamboo furniture innovation, its investment in research and new styling and new technology more and more. Rise of bamboo furniture is not accidental, is its unique aesthetic characteristics closely related, this article attempts humanistic aspects of its content, and material properties, such as the plastic arts to be explored.

First, the cultural atmosphere and culture of the Chinese nation is recognized worldwide as one of the origin of bamboo plants and modern distribution center, which is called "the hometown of bamboo." Bamboo, in a sense, with the Chinese cultural homogeneity. Chinese bamboo culture is the most commonly seen cultural phenomenon and cultural patterns, and is reflected in many aspects of material success and spiritual achievements.

In material terms, bamboo and Chinese people's daily life, "clothing, food, housing, transportation, use" there is a very close relationship to human survival and development has played an indelible contribution. Some embodies the creative spirit of the Chinese nation and things matter, such as: bamboo engineering facilities, bamboo tools, bamboo painting, bamboo vulgar, bamboo bamboo arts, culture and mythology, etc., constitute the history of our culture lasted long, the most widely used, connotation most abundant and numerous folk culture of long-chain functions.

In the spirit of traditional Chinese culture bamboo, its tall straight, straight and with restraint, tough hard demolition, soaring ambition, stern and resolute unyielding wind section includes social ethics of Confucianism "heterogeneous and homogeneous"; bamboo Xiao Shu and elegant, was the color of nature and natural state, bamboo restful, serene contemplation, spiritual freedom is realized nirvana, which in turn related to the Taoist concept of inaction indifferent, aloof mundane and spiritual freedom of personal accomplishment. Variety of features bamboo symbols referring respectively humanities and Confucian ideal personality Taoist "heterogeneous and homogeneous", covers the dual structure of traditional Chinese humanistic spirit, complete and comprehensive metaphor illustrates the ideal personality of traditional Chinese culture characteristics. Chinese literati eat bamboo, bamboo, Huazhu, chant bamboo, bamboo gifts to friends, bamboo Yan Zhi, a famous Song Dynasty poet Su Shi said in a poem: "can eat no meat, not so live without bamboo, no meat is thin, no bamboo is vulgar. "

Chinese bamboo culture gives to the GAO, cold, indifferent temperament, bamboo furniture and even to some extent reinforced bamboo retains the original shape, triggered a corresponding sense of form, resulting in a fresh and elegant taste intent. Bamboo furniture has a long history in Chinese history, but because bamboo is not easy to save and rarely survive in kind, but in the peak of the development of China's furniture - Ming and Qing Dynasties, there will be wooden furniture into a bamboo imitation wood frame shape precedent, showing the impact of traditional Chinese bamboo furniture. (This article by Yi Nan bamboo finishing)
Chinese bamboo culture is a great creation of the Chinese nation in the history of Chinese culture dazzling chapter in the history of bamboo is the most ethnic origin, the most profound accumulation, its national temperament and aesthetic consciousness laid the psychological foundation of the structure of the Chinese nation.

Second, a common plastic arts and material properties
Currently, bamboo furniture products on the market are mainly traditional timber frame and bamboo furniture into two categories, according to the materials used in different ways, in terms of their style of art unique.