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Bamboo Bathroom Products Show A Comfortable And Quality Life

Nov 23, 2016


The environmental and health bamboo bathroom products show a comfortable and quality life


When choosing a bathroom Home Furnishing, we will consider all aspects of the problem, the waterproof performance of bathroom furniture for the substrate material will be the primary consideration, under the rule of metal and wood in all bathroom furniture, if there is also a unique businesses can create a new material which is waterproof and anti-corrosion, and elegant appearance and environmental health, then bamboo bathroom products absolutely give a new choice of new bathroom design ideas and consumption, so bamboo quality caused a new revolution.


Bathroom cabinet use with bamboo as the substrate, its the clever using of bamboo excellent physical properties and the combination of domestic and foreign craftsmanship,to highlight the design originality and quality of life. Bamboo has excellent physical properties, has very strong the hardness (hardness and toughness, better than oak) and good stability, and the service life is much longer than wooden bathroom furniture, so it is more suitable to be used in the bathroom than other wood products.


The bamboo plate is not only natural and pure on color, its flexible material which filling the comfort and quality of life, and its non-toxic and formaldehyde emission is almost zero, which is a very healthy environmental protection products.


Carbonization extraction technology sever the original proprietary in bamboo of oil and sugar , which further to enhance bamboo material of waterproof-moisture-proof-abrasion resistance-acid resistance and environmental protection, anti deformation and other incentives the performance of bamboo.


The bath cabinet maintenance reminder:

 1:The most taboo of bamboo products are borers and termites, coating varnish and cooked tung oil is the two major and most effective way to prevent these two enemies.

2. Do not use sharp or heavy to impact or friction on the bamboo plate surface, and do not let the corrosive or solvent train the plate surface.

3. After using , to keep the surface clean and dry, to avoid breed the bacterium and bug.


 Any bathroom cabinet and related products should pay attention to maintenance, it is best shower room is divided into two wet and dry area, so that we can guarantee the bathroom cabinet and bathroom products be better protected.


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