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Bamboo Cutting Boards

Dec 16, 2016

Board Features

Most bamboo cutting boards are made with many of the same features, no matter the manufacturer. The bamboo cutting boards come in different colors and different grains, and just as many sizes as normal cutting boards. It just depends on what the manufacturer makes and what kind of board the consumer is looking for.


The colors of bamboo are generally the base color of the bamboo wood. This is because bamboo is hard to color, as the outside of the bamboo is almost as if it's already been painted. The two types of colors you'll see most often in bamboo cutting boards are very simple, light bamboo and dark bamboo.

  • Light - The light wood of bamboo cutting boards are the natural color of the bamboo.

  • Dark - The dark color of bamboo cutting boards occurs when natural bamboo is steamed. The steaming reaction heats the bamboo and the natural sugars in the bamboo caramelize, kind of like the sugar on top of creme brulee. This color will never fade, as it is baked right into the bamboo.

Of course, there are other factors that make up the features of the cutting boards, including the different grains of the wood.

Why to Buy

Aside from being an ecologically responsible choice, because bamboo cutting boards are not made of the precious wood timber that wooden boards are made from, there are many other reasons to purchase a bamboo cutting board. These reasons include:

  • The color doesn't fade on a bamboo cutting board.

  • Bamboo is sixteen percent harder than Maple wood.

  • Bamboo is also one-third stronger than Oak, another popular choice of regular wood cutting boards.

  • Bamboo wood doesn't dull expensive knives as quickly as the regular wooden cutting boards or the plastic ones.

  • The bamboo cutting boards can be sanded down if necessary and it won't lose the look of the original colors or patterns.

Of course, there are all kinds of reasons to choose a bamboo cutting board. If you're looking to be ecologically friendly, or just want something contemporary in your kitchen, you should consider a bamboo cutting board for your culinary needs.