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Bamboo Furniture Is The Representative Of Green Furniture

Jan 16, 2017

Green furniture should include at least two aspects: one is the product itself to meet environmental requirements, on the other hand the process of making the product must meet the requirements of environmental protection. From these two respects, our country is undoubtedly worthy of bamboo furniture, green furniture on the entire planet larger environment, the protection of forest resources has become a major trend is the implementation of natural forest protection project, the production of hardwood furniture hardwood resources are very limited.

   The rich resources of bamboo and rattan, bamboo forest area, volume and bamboo production ranks highest in the world. Bamboo itself has grown fast, finished early, short cycle, high yield characteristics, once made of bamboo as long as they operate reasonably sustainable use. Therefore, the increasing scarcity of timber resources in the world situation, bamboo furniture become the main force of the future is in line with the best green choice.

Wood furniture production process produces a large number of sawdust, dust, noise, and formaldehyde, which are all harmful, does not meet the requirements of environmental protection factors. The bamboo and rattan furniture in the production process are less likely to have these problems, and moisture, heat, anti-moth-eaten, not easily deformed, cracked, degumming and other properties are equal to or exceed the high-grade hardwood. As for making some more attention to bamboo furniture, usually used produced Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi high quality bamboo. After testing, the production after a certain hydrothermal carbonization process, finished closed, and can effectively prevent infestation and mildew. Comparison with wooden furniture, bamboo furniture has a strong physical and mechanical properties, so in the same capacity strength, new bamboo furniture components can be reduced in size to meet the strength requirements, so that the overall shape of the furniture is much more compact, more reflects the rigidity and strength of bamboo beauty. Its tensile strength parallel to grain 2 times cherry, fir 2.5 times. Bamboo furniture made of natural bamboo, a renewable resource and the timber a short time, making use of bamboo bamboo furniture natural environment, to be seen as advocating environmentally friendly home fashion new choice.

Bamboo furniture rigorous processing, has good flexibility, breathable, natural texture, feel fresh, comfortable and unique, ergonomic and engineering mechanics and so on. Moreover, bamboo furniture look elegant plain, beautiful, close to nature, with high ornamental, can show the owner's style and taste, people can feel the rushing of Chinese traditional culture.

Bamboo has its unique natural texture, texture clearly visible, always give people a simple and elegant fresh, bamboo patchwork, beautiful appearance. Also has the function of absorbing ultraviolet light, your eyes more comfortable, prevent myopia. Bamboo also has the effect of noise, so that home quieter.