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Bamboo Furniture Let Home Return To Nature

Jan 16, 2017

As people's living standards improve, people's living environment is getting higher and higher, have higher requirements for building materials, furniture, low-carbon, environmental protection, health conditions became the new requirements. Bamboo furniture is made of bamboo raw materials, processing and furniture madeof. Bamboo home, with its low-carbon, environmentally friendly, healthy, durable, rich culture, and gradually become the new darling of the furniture industry. How to buy bamboo furniture, experts recommend to look for the brand.

The quality of low-carbon, green and healthy

Since ancient times, the main material of the furniture is wood. However, we all know, the trees grow to a certain age before they can be used as material for making furniture. The trees longer growing cycle, making solid wood furniture prices are generally higher than the other materials furniture products. With the growth of trees need at least 10 years compared with mature bamboo grows to 4-6 years can be used as raw materials for making furniture and bamboo multiply very quickly, environmental degradation, very low stock of natural forest our country, bamboo is regarded as a high-quality alternative materials. Rich surface of bamboo furniture bamboo pattern, symmetrical color, but also room to add a natural atmosphere. Contains bamboo furniture bamboo culture, with its elegant connotation and refined cultural taste is gradually people of all ages to become an integral part of home life. New bamboo furniture is not only the real products, but also has appreciated quite comfortable both allow people to return to nature, but also feel the blowing of traditional Chinese culture.

With the development of society, technological progress, suffered radiation in the human body is also increasing. Bamboo furniture has a better absorption of UV, anti-static, radiation effects. Using a set of bamboo bamboo chair allows you to absorb less radiation, more conducive to your health. Buy furniture, formaldehyde emission has become an indicator of most concern to consumers. It is understood that the formaldehyde has been defined by WHO as carcinogenic and teratogenic substances, is the recognized source of allergy, also a potential strong mutagen, the release of excessive serious harm to human health, decoration and furniture contains formaldehyde, and the release of up to 3-15 years. Made of natural bamboo processing in the Year of the Huayu Bamboo Furniture maximize reduce the furniture formaldehyde content, especially long-lasting color plate after the depth of charring, processed into bamboo furniture will enhance the indoor harmful gas adsorption. In addition, bamboo stitching stereotypes is a natural resin, to avoid the hazards of formaldehyde on the human body, beneficial to human health.