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Bamboo Furniture Set Numerous Advantages

Jan 13, 2017

Bamboo furniture set numerous advantages

Bamboo furniture is not new, ancient, such as people over the age of 40 generally slept in bamboo bed , as well as elderly people generally prefer to use a bamboo chair . Look , bamboo furniture seems to have been eliminated, but in fact, modern bamboo furniture for many people still do not know . Whether from environmental , durability or comfort, bamboo furniture modern furniture is not comparable to , or even stronger than ordinary wood furniture . Moreover, bamboo no dust , no condensation , easy to clean features , it avoids the mites bacterial growth , especially for people with allergies use .

   "It 's not with the old bamboo furniture bamboo furniture in the same breath ." Designer told a reporter , bamboo 's natural color, flexible, able to moisture, high hardness , but also in terms of style design to make a bold breakthrough, especially bamboo Integration wood furniture , bamboo furniture in retaining the traditional style , based on the flow line , but also into a lot of Chinese or classical or modern furniture elements , has achieved a stylish and environmentally friendly, noble and elegant and the perfect combination of comfort .

   Bamboo moisture , heat performance than wood , corrosion-resistant , not easy to wear, easy to deformation, more dense than solid wood, higher compressive flexural strength , texture and elegant style, can automatically adjust the ambient humidity and moisture resistance, thermal conductivity low , with cool features. Many people do not know, bamboo has the function of absorbing ultraviolet light , if you use bamboo furniture in the living room when the eye comfort , can prevent the occurrence of myopia and other eye diseases and deterioration . And bamboo with good acoustic insulation properties, can effectively get rid of noises , so the room is much more quiet.

 Bamboo pattern clear and beautiful, even the bamboo timber surface , there are dense natural straight texture , bamboo patchwork, very beautiful. Modern technology made ??of bamboo timber surface , there Carbonized , Carbonized Vertical , Natural Vertical , Natural Horizontal , lateral pressure zebra and other treatment methods .

 Bamboo timber production after a certain hydrothermal carbonization process , finished closed , and can effectively prevent infestation and mildew. Compared with wood furniture , bamboo has a strong physical and mechanical properties , and therefore under the same carrying capacity strength , new laminated bamboo furniture components can meet the strength requirements of a smaller size , so that the overall shape of the furniture is much more compact, more to reflect the rigidity and strength of bamboo beauty .

 The new laminated bamboo furniture and exquisite styling concise lines stretch and smooth pursuit function diversified furniture , materials and applications through a variety of rich colors change to a diversity in style to meet different levels of consumer demand . Moreover, the new laminated bamboo furniture design and architectural design , interior design and has a bearing relationship to achieve integration of spatial integration capabilities .