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Bamboo Is The Most Talked About Green Materials

Oct 27, 2016

Zhu, born in between heaven and Earth, draining of the everything Reiki, Su says: "I would rather eat no meat, not without bamboo. No meat is thin, no bamboo. "Bamboo and plum, Orchid, chrysanthemum and since ancient times and called the four gentlemen, and plum, pine and called three friends has been well received by people of all ages.

Bamboo not only in poetry painting and garden construction Shang has has a long history of relationship, more is in China history culture development and spirit culture formed in the produced has huge role, early in more than 7,000 years Qian of Hemudu primitive site in the on found has bamboo of real in ancestors constantly development of history River in the, bamboo also from simple of weapons into writing tool, and crafts, and instruments, and dance props, and daily artifacts, and tools, and building, and transport,, bamboo of using has widely penetration to has people life of all details.