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Bamboo Plate And Utensils

Dec 29, 2016

bamboo plate and utensils

PX bamboo group supply Various designed 100% Natural bamboo Plate and Utensils.  Including Bamboo Salad Bowl, Bamboo Fruit Dish, Restaurant Bamboo Tableware, Bamboo Dessert Bowl, Japan Sushi Plate, Children Japanese style bamboo tray, Children bamboo bowl, Bamboo Bread Tray, Bamboo Coffee Tray etc ...

all by  handwork bamboo cup mat , which 100% made from original bamboo material, no paint, Safety, Health and Environment Friendly.

Why bamboo become more and more hot and popular in day life in many countries , as bamboo is totally environment friendly material,  and bamboo plate and utensils are the original natural disposable dinnerware and the only range of dinnerware that is made from certified organic bamboo and compost approved.  So when you're making the switch to a green kitchen, using sustainable utensils for food preparation and reusable dinnerware for meals is vital. 

Better for you. Better for the planet. Eco-Friendly disposable bamboo plates and utensils.

All Bamboo Plate and Utensils has features of :

1. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, and it is 100% renewable with fibers as strong as oak wood.

2. Made with premium, hand selected bamboo; 100 percent organically grown

3.Clean with warm soapy water or a damp cloth 

4.100 Percent food safe and FDA approved; meets European standards