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Bamboo Sheets Of Green Environmental Protection Significance And Potential Value

Oct 27, 2016

Bamboo plate is a very wide range of high quality building materials, in the field of sheet metal, like a dark horse stands out. But this material is in the ubiquitous bamboo in South China, who only do simple raw products, such as bamboo fencing, bamboo baskets, bamboo pole, bamboo fishing rod and does not produce economic benefits and economic value. Peach Blossom River but we use modern technology in manufacturing of laminated bamboo strips lumber, bamboo plywood, solid wood finger jointing boards with common appearance, broke through the thin-walled hollow bamboo disadvantages, and give full play to the bamboo hard, high density, solid, high strength, good toughness, not splitting features and benefits.

Which can know, through efforts, we can will economic value low of bamboo, through science and technology processing into economic value high of bamboo plate, and to has market of recognized, bamboo plate of market needs volume growing, became has building materials market indispensable of new environmental building materials, on alternative wood, metal, plastic material, glass, not regeneration of material, bamboo plate has huge of potential value and environmental meaning.