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Bamboo Strand Woven Outdoor Decking And Composite Bamboo Decking And Wall Cladding

Dec 26, 2016

Bamboo Strand Woven outdoor decking and composite bamboo decking and wall cladding

PX bamboo group worked with Sanming Jixing Strandwoven bamboo factory to supply top A excellent quality of Outdoor Composite Bamboo Decking and Flooring and Strand woven Wall Cladding Panels. Of outdoor flooring size 1860 / 2200mm x 137 / 140mm x 18/20mm

Of outdoo wall cladding size 1860 x 103 x 10mm / 12mm

Of  middle carbonized color and Darker carbonized

Of  surface pre-oiled or no oiled as raw panels

Of  density up to 1250 kgs / M3 or heavier to 1500 kgs / M3.

Of three-dimensional surface molding to increase traction and offers a distinct look

Of its features is waterproof and anti-microbial providing healthy, long lasting durability.

Of  annual production capacity of bamboo strand woven indoor flooring, bamboo strand woven  furniture board, bamboo strand woven outdoor decoration materials, bamboo strand woven decking, bridge plate and timber Park of 800 thousand square meters.

Common size: 1860mmx139mmx18/20/30/38mm

 Joint : Tongue&groove

Surface treatment: bleached, sanded, with UV coating or outdoor oil

Color: light brown or red brown

Grain: flat/ big wave/ small wave/ double wave/ small groove


Outdoor Composite Bamboo Strand Woven Wall Cladding

Common size: 1860mmx103 x 10mm / 12mm Tongue&groove

Surface treatment: bleached, sanded, with UV coating or outdoor oil

Color: light Carbonized or  Darker Carbonized

Grain: flat

Density: 1250-1300kgs/m3

Hardness: 70.4Gpa

Moisture rate: 4.7%

Expansion rate or water absorption: 0.35%

Certificate: ISO/FSC/CE

Features: anti-corrosive, eco-friendly, termites resistance/ fireproof/ anti-friction/ high hardness/ high stability/ high bending strength/ high density.

APPLICATION AREAS: garden, park, swimming pool, commercial buildings and any outdoor environment

PACKAGE: export carton with PVC on pallet

Bamboo wall cladding is the extended product from strand woven, produced for exterior and outdoor purpose, it has the complete characteristics of strand woven i.e. high density, super strong, high hardness, low formaldehyde emission.

Outdoor bamboo is the perfect choice to apply outside, such as wall paneling. Bamboo wall cladding is true alternative to non-sustainable rain forest hardwoods.

Bamboo Wall Cladding Installation:

· Joist or subfloor to be fixed on the wall, distance for 2 joists is 455mm.

· Drill the holes ( 2.5mm diameter, 10mm depth ) on the two sides of cladding board according to the joist distance.

· Clip includes 3 parts, square part size is 25x25mm, triangle size is 25x27x27mm, spindle diameter is 2.5mm.

· Install the first cladding board on the joist, screw the clips on the joist.

· Fix the first row of cladding board on the joist, get the spindle into the holes of board.

· Second row need be the same level with first row.


Bamboo decking or terrace bamboo flooring is installed outside, like garden, swimming pool, public area because it is anti-moldy, long-life flooring.

Bamboo decking is made out of strand woven bamboo flooring and we do the oil on the decking, so it will be water proof and it can last a long time.

Strand woven bamboo decking has very unique design and the density is much higher than regular flooring, it is 1,250kg / m3, so it is really strong and it is not so easy to be bending or cupping.