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Benefits Of Bamboo Veneer Wall Face

Oct 27, 2016

Bamboo is a great green wall finishing materials, selection of bamboo veneer wall warm in winter and cool in the summer and the greatest benefits, bamboo veneer, high hardness, density, texture, and bamboo because of low thermal conductivity, not easy to heat in the summer, in the winter heat loss is not easy, it will be warmer. Is ideal for paving in the living room, dining room, study, bedroom, hotel, guest house wall veneer.

In addition, the bamboo patch walls with natural color and color difference is small, is very rich in color, divided along colour, bamboo can be divided into two types:

1, natural color bamboo skin, less chromatic aberration than the veneer, is rich in bamboo grain, and color balance. Natural carbonation can be divided into color, color in two, carbide flat color, elegance, which is made from bamboo, the making of baking, can still be seen in the dignified calm clear bamboo pattern. Color varnish-treated surface, choose the simplest color of bamboo, bright and lively.

2, bamboo skin using manual paint, paint can be adjusted into a variety of colors, but bamboo bamboo veneer wall surface pattern is not clear. Bamboo skin surface treatment most used enamel paint, varnishes, wear-resistant lacquer, Matt lacquer, etc.