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Colored Bamboo Veneer That You Can Not Miss

Feb 13, 2017

Colored Bamboo Veneer that You Can Not Miss

Bamboo is one of sustainable, low-carbon, environmental friendly materials in the world. Bamboo materials (bamboo flooring / bamboo plywood/ bamboo veneer) are mainly produced by scientific processes. They have many advantages such as easy to process, good mechanical properties (compression resistance/ tensile resistance/ bending resistance), which are better than wood. 

However, bamboo material lacks of options in colors and textures, resulting limitations of more applications. The emergence of colored bamboo veneer bring a new future for bamboo industry. It will create more ideas for furniture, decoration, and handicraft. With involving new technology of coloring bamboo strips, our factory can totally change the color of bamboo from original natural to multiple cheerful tones. The coloring process brings bamboo plentiful colors rather than wood species, but remains the natural attributes of bamboo, without destroying bamboo’s environmental advantages. 

Colored bamboo veneer is made from bamboo material treated with special dyeing so that the dye inside the bamboo. And then slice the bamboo panel into bamboo veneer. You will see the bamboo fiber has also been dyed. This makes bamboo veneer fresh and natural, maintaining the original properties of bamboo. Colored bamboo veneer can be used for carrier material like MDF, multiple layers plywood, chipboard etc., using for furniture, cabinets, sliding doors. Bamboo veneer backing is a cellulose fleece which is bonded with D3 water resistant PVAC glue. Colored bamboo veneer has very clear and clean texture than bamboo veneer is stained in colors.