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Conform To Green And Low-carbon Consumption ,the Manufacturing Industry Of Bamboo Products Will Be Become New Popular Building Material .

Sep 27, 2017

Conform to green and low-carbon consumption ,the manufacturing industry of bamboo products will be become new popular building material .

1.Summary of bamboo industry

Bamboo as material is very importance ecology,manufacture and culture resource ,bamboo mainly distributed in tropical and subtropical regions . China is one of most import bamboo producing country in the world ,there are 6010 thousand hectares of bamboo forests in China,

bamboo resource ,measure ,output and trade volume are both set’s come first in the world , famous of “bamboo kingdom” . 


Following the development of science and technology , the processing industry of bamboo is booming ,from bamboo root ,strip ,leaf and powder come true all use in people life ,such : bamboo root can be use to grave kinds of arts ,bamboo strip can be processing to bamboo panels ,bamboo plywood ,bamboo furniture ,bamboo kitchen ,bamboo crafts,bamboo fabric ....,bamboo leafs can be as a health drug ingredient . bamboo products has been become the most importance export goods in the china 

2.The trend of development of bamboo industry at china

People always looking for the life way and consumption of natural ,green ,ECO-friendly ,and ecology ,bamboo,no matter as building material ,food material ,or air purifying plant ,which are all is green grade , bamboo grows rapidly and reach have stable maturation to 4-7years ,bamboo is the recycle resource .China government also looking for the environment protection ,economic ,green sustainable development road,so China government in order to promote bamboo industry development and issued a series of policy beneficial for bamboo industry ,such like : <<How to push save wood resource and use bamboo instead of wood work >>,<<Bamboo export rebate policy>> etc ......

China bamboo is distributed mainly over Sichuan ,Fujian ,Guangzhou,20159131515445098_副本.jpg

Guangxi ,Yunnan and Jiangxi . among of Fujian is growing Nan bamboo ,has rich experience in produce and design bamboo panels ,bamboo plywood ,bamboo kitchen ,bamboo crafts ,bamboo flooring etc ... for example bamboo furniture more and more use and appear in our life ,bamboo furniture made from natural bamboo ,bamboo laminated board or bamboo artificial board ,in recent year ,with the processing technology of bamboo laminated board and artificial board has been become more and more prefect ,not only bamboo laminated board surface has natural dense ,grain and well proportioned,but also bamboo furniture is very clean and beautiful .Fujian bamboo manufacturer have supply bamboo products to all over the world ,with large quantities and many years . 

11.  bamboo-skateboard-board_副本.jpg

3.The markets prospects of bamboo manufacture industry on the world in the future

At present with the worsening of ecological environment ,each county of world all looking for how to protect global ecological environment security , how to solve global warming issue and how to protect of forest resources . forest resource more and more scarcity issue has go against green sustainable economic road and protect ecological environment consumption .in order to high speed economic development and solve forest resource demand ,bamboo plant all of biological attribute ,wide application ,high economic value characteristics,which be the most suitable for instead of forest wood use in people life . compared to common wood need 10-15years  growth round ,some of rare forest wood plant need growths time over hundred of years ,but bamboo only need 4-7years growths round . so bamboo can be annual selection of cutting and sustainable use ,and more in line with bamboo green, ecology, environmental protection, health concept and higher price into the consumption field the contrast, the superiority of wood products will gradually highlight (specific comparison as shown in Table 1), showing the bamboo products manufacturing industry a huge market prospects.