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Contrast Bamboo Furniture And Wooden Furniture

Jan 17, 2017

Contrast bamboo furniture and wooden furniture

First, Material Comparison: bamboo mosaic using adhesives, to impose high temperature and pressure, non-toxic, solid and stable, not a plastic, deformation, bamboo after removing sugar, fat, starch, protein, and other special sound treatment after , with superior anti-moth function effectively retardant, wear-resistant, mildew, bamboo is residential, hotels and office buildings and other high-level decorative materials. However, wood is a natural wood drying, the material processed form, showing a natural wood grain pattern and color, giving a natural, soft, rich texture of affinity.

Second, green contrast: bamboo growth cycle is short (4-6 years can cut use), planting easy, green renewable resources. Timber growth cycle long (more than 20 or even 50 years), is a non-renewable resources, excessive felling of the Earth's environment will cause severe damage. In addition, bamboo is a natural material deep processing products, will not pollute the indoor environment. Therefore bamboo furniture greener than wooden furniture.

Third, anti-moth comparison: bamboo in the production process and carbonization temperature cooking extinct within bamboo parasitic eggs; while removing sugar, fat, starch, protein and other nutrients, so the eggs do not have the growth environment, and therefore have super anti-moth capacity. Wood may be vermin, because the wood can not be de-fat and other processed sugar, preservatives and other materials processing only, but can not solve the fundamental problem that, like bamboo.

Fourth, treatment processes contrast: the bamboo by cutting, gluing and other processes and permutations and combinations of science, can be well within the balance of external forces, not easy to deformation and cracking. But wooden furniture easily deformed, easy to crack.