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Counter-tops And Kitchen Cupboards

Dec 21, 2016

One area in which bamboo plywood is making an impact is in the kitchen where it can be used for everything from cupboards to hard wearing and durable kitchen tops. If you prefer the wood effect to options such as marble or composite stone, opting for bamboo plywood is the perfect solution for your kitchen. It can be easily fabricated to any design and is relatively simple to maintain while looking superb once properly finished. At Ambient we produce panels up to 1½ inch thickness that make for impressive and sturdy counter-tops.

When considering whether you want counter-tops made from this material you need to be aware that it has certain characteristics.

  • There are 3 different grain types: vertical, horizontal and strand woven, that all offer a slightly different appearance.

  • The strand woven grain is composed of compressed bamboo, and it is 3 times harder than the vertical or horizontal grain types

  • Typically with bamboo plywood, there is an “A/Front” side and a “B/Back” side to the panel, with the “A” or “front” side being consistent in color and the “B” or “back” side being less consistent.

  • As with something like marble, no two panels of bamboo plywood are the same which means you get a unique counter-top that is different from any other in the world.

  • Darker colored woods can also be found by choosing carbonized bamboo rather than natural.

With all types of counter surfaces there are pros and cons to consider. With bamboo or wood plywood you get a durable and eco-friendly surface that will show character over time and gets better with age. With a fairly moderate price point you also get something that is uniquely attractive and lends a certain amount of stylishness to your kitchen.

There are a few cons of course: You should be aware that you will probably need to carry out some regular maintenance such as resealing the surfaces every so often. Having said that, the pros far outweigh the cons which is why many more people are starting to use this bamboo plywood in their kitchens.