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Environmental Protection Products Bamboo Furniture

Jan 16, 2017

low carbon. Means a lower (lower) of greenhouse gases (mainly carbon dioxide) emissions. With the development of industrial economy in the world, the rapid increase of the population, unlimited rise of human desire and uncontrolled production and lifestyle, the World Climate facing an increasingly serious problem, increasing carbon dioxide emissions, the Earth's ozone layer is suffering from an unprecedented crisis, the global catastrophic climate change is often seen in serious harm to human living environment and health and safety.

Bamboo is not only a sustainable use of biomass resources, is an excellent carbon pool plant resources, bamboo is one of the world's fastest growing plants, can become useful in three or four years after felling can quickly update absorption The amount of carbon dioxide is four times that of ordinary trees. The has fast recycling characteristics, bamboo reserves, low cost, for the natural environment continues to worsen, especially natural forest coverage less than 20% of our country, is undoubtedly a quality green alternative resources.

 bamboo furniture from material selection to finished product, every aspect of strict quality control and protecting the environment, green, health, fashion bamboo furniture delivered to each user. The protection of natural and green design ideas spread to millions of households.green, made from natural materials: bamboo can regulate indoor humidity, absorb ultraviolet radiation, anti-static, beneficial to human health. In particular, the sheet through the depth of carbonation bamboo furniture, processed into long-lasting color, will enhance the role of the adsorption indoor harmful gas. fresh and beautiful, elegant: the natural color of the bamboo, flexible, moisture-proof, high hardness, a bold breakthrough in the double bamboo in furniture style design, streamline shape on the basis of the retention of traditional bamboo furniture incorporates elements of classical Chinese furniture to achieve the perfect combination of fashion and environmental protection.