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Functional Bamboo Panels

Dec 06, 2016

Bamboo is one of the earth's fastest growing plants that grows to maturity in 5 years or less.

Selected Harvesting

Each bamboo culm used in the production of furniture products is individually selected by the local farmer and harvested by hand. This preserves the eco-system of the native bamboo forest, and leaves the bamboo root system intact, from which new bamboo shoots will emerge and grow the following year. We does not use clear cutting, a timber harvesting method that involves the removal of tanding trees in a

given area, commonly used in the wood lumber industry.


We utilizes the entire bamboo culm in the manufacturing process, wasting nothing. 100% of the bamboo material is used, including the sawdust, which is put to use generating steam for the dry kiln room and press machine.

Bamboo Panel 100% Bamboo Material 

Bamboo Panel is ideal for any interior use where hardwood may traditionally be used, including cabinetry, reception areas, wall treatments, furniture and more. This material machines nicely, finishes cleanly and comes in classic colors with either a horizontal or vertical grain pattern that makes these products a preferred substitute to hardwoodplywood for increased durability, a unique and refined look, and low environmental impact. 

Bamboo  panel are manufactured with an ultra-low emitting or formaldehyde free adhesive.